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social media week 2014

social media week 2014

1. Register!

#SMWNY is only a few days away- have you secured your pass yet?
Register here for a Campus Pass with this 30% discount code good through This Friday February 14th! Lucky for you, this year’s sessions are all held in 1 area at the Highline Stages in Meatpacking (so much easier!)

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We’re always chasing the shiny bouncing ball.

bouncing balls trends

Many people confuse tactics and trends. Case in point: Snapchat is not a trend. It’s a social platform, a social tactic. (some of which are poorly thought out—in my opinion) Bloomberg. ON snapchat? When the demo are teenagers/young adults who use the app to….well you know what…. and share private stories they otherwise wouldn’t. Following where I’m going?

Sidenote: But Snapchat introduced “disappearing media” (that is the real trend) which is getting tons of buzz, just not sure that’s where marketers want to play. Snapchat goes against everything social is meant to be. Viral. Sharable. Enduring. Kinda sounds like the QR Code to me. Great in theory—but um, well. Well you know what happened there.

Snap! I got off topic, lets talk about marketing trends!

2014: The Year Marketing Trends Matured

I’ve been sensing people looking, searching for trends things to write about—mostly because there aren’t really “new” trends being uncovered… the trends that we saw last year are being slightly reimagined and are maturing this year—and that’s a good thing. Allows us to process, learn and make informed decisions.

In this post I’m covering 4 marketing topics:

  • Tech
  • Healthtech (b/c it deserves a separate topic)
  • Social
  • Analytics

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This will happen.

5 years ago no one knew how to harness it all. Traditional companies that have been in existence forever needed chief expert guru ninjas to help them make sense of emerging opportunities and migrate beyond broadcast and mass reach…. to create a vision, pave a road to scale their strategic approach, executional capabilities, build new departments and hire the right people.

The day we all just all go back to being marketers is coming very soon. Smart marketers are finally demonstrating that the future of our industry is not about digital or social marketing. It’s about marketing in a digital world– we’re in it, we live it, we know it.

It’s not optional anymore. It’s not a speciality. It’s just marketing…6 best practices found below. || Read more »


Personal observations from a strategist looking inward. What an occupational hazard.

1. Culinary indulgences

I used to hate when my Facebook friends posted what they ate for breakfast & lunch. Is that really all you have to share? BORING. What used to be Insta-hide from my feed turned into Instagram IS my feed …of food (and additional mid-week trips to Whole Foods for baskets of ingredients to bring home and pretend I should be on Master Chef.) I’m not the only one guilty of visual indulgence either, hence this recent post from Mashable.

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google Calico Time coverGoogle today announced Calico, a new company that will focus on health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases. Are they going to be the new Genentech? Not exactly. Not much info offered about the new venture- but Business Insider and Time reported (both long, worthy reads, if for nothing more you get the inside scoop on Google X and Sergey Brin’s definition of what a “moonshot” idea is– very interesting and 80% of what the Time piece focuses on vs. Calico).  || Read more »

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