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Loving the WikiNodes iPad app

Posted on Wednesday, 11th May, 2011

I’m always perusing through new iPad apps to check out UX & design and WikiNodes definitely caught my eye. WikiNodes puts the knowledge of Wikipedia at your fingertips. Articles are displayed as nodes that you can touch, drag and spin around.


This has an awesome fluid interface. It’s yet again, an entirely new way of searching & consuming info (if you trust Wikipedia). I did a sample search of NYC Subways and here was the result. The interface presentation of information similar to that of mind mapping, which I love. Nodes link together sections of Wikipedia articles and related topics, making Wikipedia come to life.




click to photo to enlarge





When you tap any node, it expands to give you more information.




click photo to enlarge





Or, switch to a full-page view to display articles as pages, then scroll up and down.




click photo to enlarge





Proof everything doesn’t have to be linear in its contextual relevance when you’re researching anything that is of interest to you.

Bill Cunningham: New York

Posted on Sunday, 20th March, 2011

If you’ve ever perused the pages of the New York Times Sunday Styles section or read the column “On the Street” you know who Bill Cunningham is.

For the last 35+ years, Bill has helped the Times define street style. Bill bikes around Manhattan to capture what he feels are real people in real clothes, an art in itself to have an eye for the eclectic imagery that may present itself in a color, pattern, texture, or a bias cut which is the beauty of fashion in NYC.

Richard Press’s new documentary opened this week in NYC and he gives us a candid view into Bill’s creative process and personal life bringing us closer to seeing life through his lens, a manual Nikon SLR.

photo credit: Zeitgeist Films official Bill Cunningham New York poster

A documentary definitely worth seeing. Playing at Film Forum through the end of March.


Bill Cunningham New York – Trailer (Zeitgeist Films) from ts on Vimeo.

My favorite person in NYC that I’ve never met

Posted on Wednesday, 3rd November, 2010


Engulf yourself in the history of how her life size wheat-paste prints came to be, or just watch this

Swoon. Chelsea 2009
photo credit: my camera, his eye

Additional Flickr set. Amazing.

Barbara Kruger installation: Whitney Downtown NYC

Posted on Wednesday, 13th October, 2010

Move over Swoon, you’ve got company.

The best artistic interruption of a Saturday I’ve been met with this year. Feminist pop artist Barbara Kruger’s outside public art installation housed at The Whitney Museum downtown construction site at the Corner of Gansevoort and Washington street (where it plans to build its new branch in the Meatpacking District starting next spring). || Read more »

Art o’Mat

Posted on Sunday, 29th August, 2010

By far one of the coolest things I have ever run into in a art supply store on E12th street.  A nice reminder that  you can always build off original functionality, and fine tune it for a more enhanced (and healthy) user experience.

iSpy iPad

Posted on Friday, 27th August, 2010

a) Student
b) Athlete
c) Friend
d) Teacher
e) Wants a baby
f) Problem solver
g) All of the above

I know this girl.
She knows there’s an app for everything.

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