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MA in digication?

Posted on Tuesday, 24th August, 2010

Working towards a self-appointed Masters in Digication?

Who isn’t? The world of advertising has evolved and most of us are playing catch up, pacing (sometimes sprinting to reach the front of the pack) with the likes of Google and Apple who continue to define ease of use through technology for all of us. Our generation (my generation) didn’t go to school for this. Gen Yr’s (aka, Millennials) are amidst this education. So what does this all mean to us Gen Xr’s and specifically healthcare advertising? Last year I read a great post on how current and future physicians and consumers are are being taught to communicate, consume and utilize information differently as it relates to social engagement with each other, and with brands. To stay competitive, to be a formidable player in this crazy world of advertising, we need to digicate ourselves on the best ways to turn advertising into engagement.

For those lucky enough to have corporate backed digication curriculums like myself (thank you employer) they help tremendously. For those of us that don’t have that luxury, or may have started self-digication years ago, we are all on the journey to better understand how emerging technologies can help connect brands with consumers through permissive engagement.

One area I plan to cover in this blog surrounds the trials and tribulations of understanding, applying and utilizing emerging technology in the healthcare arena. How do you do that? What do you focus on? Personal or professional efforts first? Where and who do you learn from? Over the past 3 years I have been lucky to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion as my own, and others who are just beginning to sctach the surface of inquisitiveness. I have learned from them, they have learned from me. Surround share digication is where I started, and the lists just get going from there and haven’t stopped.

I am of the belief:

to know is to do

With 3 years of ongoing list prioritization (most relating to professional work) emerged the endeavor of starting a personal blog that would allow me to wax poetic about my inquisitive nature of all things technologically stimulating- what came to be termed as “digilicious“. I found interesting people/blogs who stimulated my need for absorbing new information, surely they would find me…that’s what search is for, right?

I wouldn’t hire someone, so I learned what I needed to and created it myself. Months of reviewing available blogging platforms, interface customization, UX applicability, elemental web design, even down to shortcuts in CSS coding and integration with social share tools and 3rd party sites. Lucky for me, I had a digilicious mentor that taught me all I know about SEO and that was taken care of years ago and continues to be a personal passion I continue to hone on my own.

I’m not suggesting everyone go out and teach themselves how to create a blog to the extent that I did (in all honestly Tumbler is mad easy as is Posterous and can be set up by a novice in 5 minutes) because quite frankly, this blog still needs a lot of fine tuning! (advanced CSS coding anyone?) What I’m suggesting is that you prioritize what you want/need to learn, and the level for which you need to establish these learning to accomplish your personal and professional goals as they relate to digital advertising and engagement.

The net for me: I am able to apply my personal blog creation learnings/experience to my professional environment, of working with colleagues and healthcare clients within an advertising agency.

Amongst other topics this blog will cover, I plan to write a monthly piece on a specific type of digital education- whether it’s self-taught or easy breezy webinar or class through a 3rd partner (and most likely free!) We’re all on a journey, and we’ll all likely get there faster with surround share approach to digication.


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