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Boehringer’s Drive4COPD

Posted on Thursday, 16th September, 2010

Boehringer developed Drive for COPD patient advocate program last year and just stepped up their awareness efforts via

They are offering a new social ambassador community online promoting the importance of COPD screening.

Via joining a “Race Team” ambassador contest, patient advocates are encouraged to enroll other ambassadors to get screened for COPD. Every five screeners completed on the ambassador’s behalf, get one entry for a chance to win a trip to join their DRIVE4COPD Celebrity Race Team Member at a screening event on November 4, 2010 called “Race for the Millions Missing”.

The DRIVE4COPD race team is “celebrity” endorsed by Danika Patrick ad Patty Loveless, Bruce Jenner, Jim Belushi and Michael Strahan.

Boehringer has contracted 3rd party association support via AARC, American Lung Association, COPD Foundation and NASCAR.

The social community is driving social outreach via integration with Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

Novel approach to raising awareness within a category to promote more frequent screening for COPD and drives to a accompanying unbranded knowledge center for patients entitled supported by Boehringer & Pfizer in association with the COPD Foundation and American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

The site focuses on educational information and has integrated content social sharing functions.

  • patient stories shared via “Open Voices” Video connections
  • Infographical animations on understanding COPD
  • Support resource links
  • treatment options

An engaging initiative and awareness driver that clearly doesn’t cross the unbranded–>branded line.

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