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Apple goes “Back to the Mac” with Mobile-focused UX

Posted on Saturday, 23rd October, 2010

Highlights from  Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event on October 20th

Last Wednesday, Apple announced a couple pretty cool enhancements to their MAC product line. Not surprisingly, Job’s focus was “mobile utility based” without releasing any updates to our defacto mobile devices. Apple knows their consumer. I like where his head is at.

No one tells a better visual story than Steve Jobs, so with respect to him, I’ll follow suit accordingly with a few juicy tidbits I snapped from the presentation.

click on all images to enlarge

Did you know that the MAC product line makes up 33% of the company’s revenue equating to $22B? ….and if they only made MACs, they would be listed as the #110 company in Fortune’s 500 list? Pretty amazing.

Job’s started simple with updates to iLife 11. Update is available immediately for $49

  • iPhoto (amazing software/interface and productivity updates BTW)
    • to name a few: better aggregation of all your photos, even on social sharing sites, full screen view, custom email designs, improved slideshow choices, photo book creation
  • iMovie
  • Garage Band

Moving on to Mac OS X Lion. The 8th update to the OS X series.

So what’s new? Tons.

Leveraging the 7Million app download from iPhone, iPad and iTouch, Apple is introducing the MAC App Store.

Apple doesn’t want to wait until Summer 2011 to release it with OS X Lion, so it will be available in 90 Days!

The MAC App Store will live right in the dock and have its’ own dashboard view.

Face Time for MAC. Now I can talk to to anyone on an iPhone 4 from my MAC.

Mission Control. Improving upon the already awesome Expose feature by allowing users to find/view all their work/projects/screens at one time, by the the simple gesture of a finger swipe.

Running with the “Back to MAC” theme and connection to mobile utility/UX, the new MACBook Air was introduced as “What would happen if the MACBook Air and iPad hooked up?”

Apple leveraged the great feedback and extensive usability testing on the iPad to improve the experience of the “traditional” notebook to meet and serve the consumer demand for mobile utility and mobile user experience.

Improved battery life, lightweight, no hard drive, all flash memory? Confirming rumors: the iPad and the MACBook Air DEFINITELY hooked up. Mobile utility, anyone? and something new, MACBook Air also has a little brother, too!

Specs for the 13.3 inch MACBook Air

How does the cost compare to iPad?

Apple is blowing its application use out of the water by offering them on multi-platform notebook and mobile devices. No surprise of the unified cross-platform integration as more and more users are adopting portable content and consuming content from mobile devices.

Downloading the new iLife today and plan to create some awesome NYC photo shows for my family. I am definitely looking forward to OS X Lion for sure. Can’t wait to have the Mission Control organizational advancements at my fingertips on my MACBook Pro.

Video/Photo Credits: Full Apple Keynote found here

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