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Manhattan Research’s latest…and scariest “E-Empowered Consumers”

Posted on Wednesday, 10th November, 2010

Manhattan Research released a press release today. Insights into how patients make decisions and how the internet MAY replace HCPs…

In this year’s tenth edition of the Cybercitizen Health® U.S. study, pharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research sought to quantify the impact the Internet was having on how consumers manage their health by identifying a population of  “E-Empowered Consumers.”

What did they find?

99 Million E-Empowered Consumers are Using Online Information and Tools to Take a More Active Role in Their Healthcare

Consumers’ online research activity has given rise to a more empowered patient, who doesn’t necessarily accept what the doctor diagnoses or recommends for treatment.  In fact, information found online may lead the patient to skip seeing a doctor.  Some 99 million U.S. adults did at least one of the following after finding health information online:

  • Challenged their doctor’s treatment or diagnosis.
  • Asked that their doctor change the treatment.
  • Discussed information found online at an appointment.
  • Used the Internet instead of going to the doctor.
  • Made a healthcare decision based on online information.

Hear more about their new research on November 16th. You can sign up for the free webinar to get a sneak peak into what may change your marketing plan once and for all.

WHAT does an empowered patient look like?

Download the recent infographic (11 x17) on the “empowered patient” from Path For the Blue Eye here. They have a great summary that explains the infographic development and links to a full whitepaper as well. Great snipits of data and nuggets of information that are valuable to our everyday understanding of who our healthcare consumers really are.

WHY should you care?

  1. Sets the stage for why HCPs need to become more “socially” accountable in that space or else they will ultimately lose their patients to Dr. Google
  2. Works in favor of establishing hippa compliant and regulated social environments for HCPs and patients to connect is important to medical care continuum
  3. Reiterates the need for brands to create easily found, well referenced, and credible tools for guiding patients (and tools for HCPs to help guide their patients as well)
  4. Rationale as to why web access can be our best (and worst) friend in advertising (and clear strategy to is necessary to optimize well-targeted and measurable engagement)
  5. There’s still time to add value to your 2011 plan by addressing challenges and offering strategic solutions to simplifying the healthcare journey for patients and HCPs


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