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Pearl Jam Twenty

Posted on Saturday, 24th September, 2011

History captured, 20 years of my inspiration documented.



We all have different forms of creative inspiration and different motivators throughout our lives. Some come and go for me, but nothing has remained as constant for me as music. Music provides a creative outlet to fuel and soothe my emotions, tie me to a memory or take me away from something I don’t want to think about.

Over the last 20 years the remaining musical constant in my life has been Pearl Jam. Some people take sabbaticals from work to reinvigorate themselves, Pearl Jam does that for me in a night (sometimes 2) when I’m in need of something to clean my head or get me through a tough project.

For some it’s simply the voice of Eddie Vedder, the riff of Stone Gossard, Mike Mike McCready or Jeff Ament; and for others it’s the sometimes dark emotional lyrical vault of  Eddie’s life that brings you to that place you need to be. For me it’s a combination of both.

I can remember in 1992 when I first heard Alive & Jeremy the weekend of my senior prom- I was addicted and have been ever since.

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In college I spent long nights in my university’s art building sculpting my heart out, sketching and designing countless projects fueled by Ten, vs., Vitalogy and No Code; care of K-Rock radio, they got me through it all.

I’ve taken weeks off work to travel for Pearl Jam tours and Lollapalooza festivals (33) visited the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle, made countless new friends and snapped countless MBs of photos, all of which have stayed with me and been a part of some great times and rough times.






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Most recent and memorable was the 09 tour that ended in Philly where they played 3 shows in a row and didn’t repeat 1 song over the course of the 3 nights. I went the 2nd night on 10/30/09 and on the Acela on the way down I went through the past evenings set lists and based on experience predicted what would be played. I was 85% correct on the first 6 songs. The next night the announced a last show on Halloween and the amount of $$$ my friends and I paid for the tickets were worth every minute of that 3+ hour show. The creative energy the band puts behind each show’s setlist is 1 of the driving factors for me, as Eddie usually writes them an hour before the show based on the vibe of the day and venue.














Over the years I’ve collected my favorite bootlegs and videos of the shows I’ve attended and those I haven’t (read: Spodek Poland 00’, Fox Theater 94’, Benaroya Hall 03’, Newcastle 06’)

This is not about me being a fan.

Fans come and go with the speed of the bandwagon. This is about my constant inspiration which is music, and which ultimately is Pearl Jam.

Tonight I saw the Pearl Jam Twenty documentary.






I felt like I was watching the last 20 years of my life flash in front of me, and it’s because I was. Thank you Pearl Jam and Cameron Crowe for putting together the most memorable film that will forever be a part of me, especially because I was at the last 2 shows highlighted in the film (MSG 5/21/10 & Philly 10/30/09). I feel as though my musical inspiration has been solidified as part of their history and now it’s officially documented for the whole world to experience, far beyond what I have in iTunes or iPhoto.


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