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Unroll.Me Oh hell yes.

Posted on Monday, 19th March, 2012

A new beta arrived in my inbox today that I have been waiting for over the past few weeks and I couldn’t be happier!

A few months ago I wrote about bad email marketing and the level of anxiety my overflowing inbox brings me everyday. By choice, over the last few years (pre social media madness) email has been the basis for my “digital” CRM communication. I consciously opt into 75% of the CRM emails I receive. Key word- consciously. It keeps everything I want in one place, my inbox. I receive ~75-100 marketing/solicitation emails a day but as of late it’s just become too much of a burden. I’ve found myself shying away from reading my gmail in the evening and I sometimes miss important emails from family, friends, etc.

Enter the heaven of all email heavens- Unroll.Me

I may or may not have spent vacation time cleaning out my inbox and unsubscribing from unwanted emails only for ½ of them never to take effect in my prompt to ‘Go Away!” This ridiculously efficient service just saved me hours of time by consolidating (or deleting) most of my email subscriptions.

What is allows you to unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions, or organize them all in one place in a single “rollup” email; a digest that gives me an overview of all the subscriptions I receive each day, and I can set the time I prefer the rollup to arrive.

In 10 minutes, I just accomplished what would have taken me an entire day to do, weeding through all those preferences and settings pages…who has the time? One thing to note is that after clicking the fifth subscription you want to unsubscribe from, you’ll be prompted to refer friends to unsubscribe to the rest in bulk. You can do the referral via email (to five friends), send a tweet, or post a Facebook message. #GetInvolved! #InboxSanity! To get an idea of how many email subscriptions I had, and what the rollup looks like- check out the screen grab below.










click to enlarge image

If I change my mind and desperately miss seeing in RackedNY my inbox every morning, I can always remove the subscription from my rollup to get it directly back in my inbox. But until then, I’m going to hope this magic API works and bask in the glory of a manageable inbox.

Unroll.Me only supports GMail, Yahoo, and AOL right now but the company is working on support for other platforms. I have 5 beta invitations- tweet me @jaeselle if you are interested in one!

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