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SheSays Digital Strategy course: NYC 7/20/2012

Posted on Monday, 16th July, 2012

For those of you that are still wrapping your heads around what digital strategy is and how to work that into your job, agency, etc… you might want to check out this course this Friday in NYC. It’s less didactic and more workshop– every part of the day has an active learning component which I always love and brings what you learn into practical activation.

Why should you care (and consider, yet another, digital strategy course?)

Because you will learn something from the best of the best- and it’s all about the people who know what the hell they are talking about. The course is sponsored by SheSays, an award-winning organization running free mentorship and events to women in the creative and digital marketing businesses. The class is being taught by 3 of the women I admire the most in strategy/digital innovation. These women are no joke- what they say is always spot on and actionable.

Ana Andjelic: Digital Strategist at Droga5. Ana has a Ph.D in Sociology from Colombia and wrote her dissertation on digital branding. She frequently teaches the HyperIsland MasterClass and at Miami Ad School. Her blog i [love] marketing always has great content.

Farrah Bostic: Founder of The Difference Engine, a responsive strategy and design consultancy. She is, at heart, a strategist and creative technologist with expertise within innovation, social media and mobile utilities. Her blog PrettyLittleHead is one of my favorites.

Alessandra Lariu: co-founder of SheSays and CEO of shout SHOUT, a community for women focused on crowdsourcing creative collaboration/ideation for business. She has also worked as a Creative Director at McCann NY.

The content for the day is diverse and organized well; I love that there is a section on KPIs built in here– of the utmost importance to anyone working in digital– it’s not just about the thinking (that What) it’s about activation (the How)- and that involves measurement; my personal soapbox! I also love how the focus will be on tools for collaboration between digital strategists and other disciplines in the organization; super important for anyone building a department or figuring out how to work digital strategy into an existing organization.

Learn a little bit more about the course below. Think about it as an investment in intellectual capitol- well worth it.

Who is this course for?

Men or women who from a more ‘traditional’ strategy or communication planning background who would love to know more about the digital space. This is not really for hard-core digital strategists who want to learn more – unless you just want to come and meet some great people.

The Principles of Digital Thinking  

How is digital thinking different from the traditional approach to strategy, branding, and marketing? What are the principles of digital thinking? The focus of this module is on understanding micro- and macro- behavioral changes that are happening because of digital, and exploring how planners can build their strategic approach around them. The module ends with a short workshop where participants can apply what they learned in the real-life examples.

Making your briefs digital

How can you use digital thinking to solve a business and consumer problem? This section focuses on infusing digital thinking into creative briefs. We’ll analyze the elements of a digital brief and apply them to real-world examples. The section ends with a workshop where participants are asked to draft their own digital briefs for assigned brands.


How can planners can use free digital tools to mine insights that inform their briefs, help test a hypothesis, and/or provide ideas and inspiration? Useful digital tools are all around us, and they are becoming more prominent as a planners’ insight-mining technique. Often, instead of focus groups or future labs, we can just turn to the web to point us in the right direction. In the section, we are using real-world examples to illustrate the utility of digital tools. This section ends with a workshop where participants use the tools to come up with an idea or insight.

Selling Digital – success metrics

How to define benchmarks of success to ensure that our strategy is on the right track? This section explores in depth with different KPIs that help both the client and the agency meet monitor and optimize their campaigns. At the end of this section, there will be a workshop where participants are asked to come up with the most suitable KPIs for a given business and brand goal.

The role of digital strategy within the agency 

How does it fit with the creative department? How should strategist work with creatives? How is this collaboration different than in the past and why is this important?

You can register here on Eventbrite.



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