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Digging into the new Google Consumer Surveys

Posted on Thursday, 9th August, 2012

Been reading about the new Google Consumer Surveys.

In case you dont know what it is here a quick video that explains it.
(Google totally masters video overviews in under the 1:15 mark!)

Few thoughts on this:
Google says that “Many researchers are used to doing multi-question surveys in which the same respondent is asked to fill out a 10+ minute questionnaire. With Google Consumer Surveys, you can run multi-question surveys by asking people one question at a time.” Most custom research methodologies/projects I develop & field are meant to have questions that build upon each other so we can theme the collective data from respondents and create insights. Rarely do I ever need/want an answer to only one question.

I guess there are brands/businesses out there that may just have ONE QUESTION– but I’d bet it’d be difficult to find a strategist/planner fielding that survey to agree. We always have soooooo many questions!

I do think this would work well for creative concept validation testing (since there are options to show images, etc)

This is clearly a well monetized product for Google at .10/per response for general population and .50 for demographic targeting and they even let you type your audience closer with a screener question ie: “are you a dog owner”, etc. (Note to all: when purchasing your survey the minimum responses you can choose are 1000 per question– those with a budget should recognize you’ll pay minimum $100 per question.)

There are some good tips here about types of surveys you can field and some pretty interesting formats to craft your survey questions in.

I don’t yet have a full understanding of the types of publisher networks these will run on, however being the inquisitive research junkie I am, I am going to develop a quick survey on Spotify vs. iTunes: Understanding the attitudes and behaviors towards music platform use to see what type of responses I get (like when I ran Facebook ads for my blog when that launched year ago). Always living like a tourist…(and clearly loving music.)

Creating the the survey was pretty easy. I like the templates they give you- easy breezy.














I’ll give it a few days and follow up with what I see.

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