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The Naked Brand: living in transparency

Posted on Thursday, 2nd August, 2012

Early last month I saw a documentary called The Naked Brand when it premiered in NYC and had to post my admiration for it, albeit a tad delayed (it’s been a long month!) It was directed/produced by a few guys from Questus.

Great documentary on how brand advertising can no longer sustain traditional ways of existing just as a product and hiding behind “advertising”.

Real time consumer involvement is forcing transparency on behalf of companies in a largely commoditized and consumer opinion-driven marketplace.

Brands, and the companies that make them, need to provide value beyond just a product; to differentiate and win consumers they need to be transparent in their mission and values on what that organization stands for. Great case studies were featured from PepsiCo, Zappos, Unilever, Patagonia, Under Armour.

Quiet possibly my favorite case from the film showcased how social media and 1 petition posted on  took down pink slime and had it removed it from school lunches… in 10 days. (If you were living under a rock during that social movement this past March pink slime is a term used for the mixture of beef scraps and connective tissue that ends up in your ground beef amongst other things- GA-ROSSSS.) In addition to the win in schools, the USDA, meat industry and major retailers all backed away from it and the demand for pink slime dropped so dramatically that Beef Product Inc. shut down 3 of it’s 4 factories…. 3 weeks after the onset of the social media storm. Talk about action. That is real. That is the power of today’s consumer.

Great quotes from the film:

“Being a great company is the new brand.” – Alex Bogusky, COMMON

“Companies have to shift from saying they are great, to BEING great.” – Carter Brokaw, Meebo

“We took funds from paid media and put that into customer service experience instead.” – Tony Hsieh, Zappos

Check out the trailer

A separate clip from the film: great mini portrait of Alex Bogusky on why he left advertising and what he’s focusing on now—mostly sustainable initiatives for social good. —he’s always got something worthy to say that somehow never seems elitist or preachy. Watch it.


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