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5 (somewhat detrimental) Behaviors I Hold Social Technology Responsible For

Posted on Monday, 30th September, 2013

Personal observations from a strategist looking inward. What an occupational hazard.

1. Culinary indulgences

I used to hate when my Facebook friends posted what they ate for breakfast & lunch. Is that really all you have to share? BORING. What used to be Insta-hide from my feed turned into Instagram IS my feed …of food (and additional mid-week trips to Whole Foods for baskets of ingredients to bring home and pretend I should be on Master Chef.) I’m not the only one guilty of visual indulgence either, hence this recent post from Mashable.

2. Impulse purchases

Case 1: Pinterest and Polyvore. Damn you visual beauty!! You are magic to my eyes and death to my closet. Do you know that my closet is packed so tight that I can no longer see what I own (even with strategically placed illuminating lights, 4 to be exact) wait hang on. sorry I just got an text from … what? Poppy Delevingne is wearing that today—yea so I’m gonna need to have that. Right now.

Case 2:  Twitter:  “I love this app!” (c/o at least 1 tweet a day from Tarah or Ashmi—I think they are both on a mission to slowly bankrupt me.) Apple has made it so seamless to purchase apps, songs, digital magazine subscriptions, etc from the app store it’s like I’m really not purchasing anything because I don’t physically whip out my Amex. Damn it!


3. Consuming news and content can overtake my day

I consume a LOT of news every day off 1 of 3 screens. (code for: reading, researching, viewing, perusing, liking, drooling and RTing).  I book time in my calendar to read Flipboard (7:40-8:10am and 9:30-11pm). That is not a joke—consider it a behavior of a highly productive person! I may or may not do the same with emails—helps me focus.

My flipboard dash (ie: a social reader for those of you still reading the NYTimes paper and staining your hands while doing so—you might want to try this amazeballs app and ps- it’s now avail on desktop if you didn’t know!). My flipboard is filled with various blogs, Linkedin Today and social feeds that I curate to my liking). As organized as I am, I slip. Sometimes. Down the rabbit hole of SoMo convenience. Which translates to my iPhone and Twitter = the devil. There’s always something interesting happening. FOMO? No. Just sheer curiosity. Take a walk outside—open Twitter. Standing in line at Whole Foods? Open Twitter. In a meeting with people talking in circles? Open Twitter. Oh wait. I mean… I never do that.


4. Awkward silences during phone calls with my mom

See above. (ps: Facetime is the only real way to capture my attention, mom!)


5. Not reading enough books and long form content

I am conditioned to snorkel content. MacKenzie McHale style. I throw on the scuba gear when I need to—but really, if it’s longer than 1250 words, it’s hard to keep my attention. See: Twitter. Facebook, Instagram. Pinterest, and Pocket (because there’s always more content to read from the tweets I see, but cannot fully read during my 5 minute walk outside). This post is 588 words, for the record.


I’d love to hear what habits you’ve developed (good or bad) as a result of social technology inhabiting your lifestyle.

While you’re pondering that thought, I think I need to Instagram my salad. Good lighting people, always have good lighting.




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