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Marketing Technologies- Who’s on First?

Posted on Thursday, 1st May, 2014

Foursquare moves search & discovery to the forefront and creates Swarm for friend location stalking.

Snapchat introduces a video calling feature (that REALLY puts friends in your face).

Vine moves to a web-based YouTube model (b/c all video should be channel agnostic and quite frankly- who has the attention span of more that 6 seconds on a video network anyway?)

Facebook proclaimed “more privacy for users and building trust” during the f8 conference across multiple new platform refinements— but they also launched a new mobile ad network called FAN—which uses the most robust data available (all the data we as users, provide to FB) for mobile ad targeting. Not contradictory at all? 😉

This all happened within the last 24 hours!
We learn one thing and before you know it, technology iterates more rapidly that we can keep up with.

Who’s responsible for marketing technology?

who's on first This has implications for marketers who create content using certain technology platforms. Yet, a large majority of marketers still think of the above examples things as “social media” vs. marketing technologies. Some marketers remain in conflict with their “set” marketing plan vs. a flexible one that accommodates tech evolution per the above examples.

These social examples only scratch the surface on “marketing technologies” as a larger theme inclusive of marketing automation, CRM and analytic platforms— there are 1000’s out there.

Is that still the responsibility of the brand marketer? Do they have the required tech acumen? The digital strategist? (Do digital strategists still exist?) The CMO? Are they too high level for this granularity? Possibly- depending on the company. Do we need to create a new discipline within marketing that *just* handles assessing and implementing marketing technologies? Marketing technologist?

Personally, I feel this is a hybrid combo of part marketing strategist, creative director, technologist.

Maybe we can coin #TechFlex a new aspirational skill for marketers? Can we add that to Linked in? Can I endorse someone for this?

ie: “My marketing acumen allows for adaptability to new technologies that engender customer engagement and ultimately drive revenue for my core business objectives. I understand technologies change at a rapid pace and am capable of developing a plan that remains open for assessment, iteration and testing and refinement”.

Polarizing, yet aspirational thinking about new marketing & organizational models as they relate to technology advancements and innovation. This is happening right now across multiple verticals. Something I’m going to spend a little more time researching. If anyone has existing research on this topic- please feel free to share- tweet me at @jaeselle.

UPDATE: July 18, 2014
Harvard Business Review just penned a great deep dive into “The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist”.  Also validates my curiosity & thought process a LOT– I had mixed reviews from my first post above ie: “you’re just trying to create new roles, people in existing marketing roles need to learn new skills (however, sometimes that isn’t the most efficient or effective path forward.)

HBR’s post is a long and worthy read, full of rationale for what’s driving the need (customer behavior & tech innovation) how this role differs from, and integrates with the CMO, CIO and CEO to fill a need.




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