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The Creative Brief

Posted on Thursday, 2nd October, 2014

Aside from my love of documentaries focused on the creative industry…I LOVE conversations and commentary around the purpose and utility of the Creative Brief.

I always have.

People in advertising get stuck on “truths” and end up complicating briefs. Shocker. I have always approached the creative brief by simplifying the complex and igniting a customer desire through “flexible limitations & invitations” (also mentioned in this video). Not too prescriptive and not blue sky. Gives the creative team room to explore.

I invite you to watch Briefly. (video embed below) What makes this video special is the intersection of 3 industry perspectives: advertising, architecture and technology.


“The end goal of Briefly is to help inform and inspire future generations of collaborators to write better briefs and manage the briefing process differently in order to help lead to exceptional creative results.”


The interviews with Frank Gehry (Founder Gehry Partner), Yves BĂ©har (CEO fuseproject), Maira Kalman (Illustrator), John C Jay (President @ GX, Partner @ Wieden + Kennedy), David Rockwell (CEO Rockwell Group), and John Boiler (CEO 72andSunny) and funny, smart and thought provoking.

If you work in a creative or strategic field, this is best 27 minutes you’ll spend today. Guaranteed.

and honestly- who doesn’t love Frank Gehry? #legend

Shoutout to my ECD, Carl for sharing this with me.

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