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Good strategy is just as important as good execution

Posted on Tuesday, 6th October, 2015

I want to clear something up. I take issue with this latest post stating Execution Eats Strategy for Lunch.

Good strategy is just as important as good execution. To achieve success, one can’t exist without the other.

Let me illustrate a very simple use case:
You develop a kick ass website. It looks gorgeous, look, there’s even parallax. Wow those colors are stunning! It’s even mobile optimized!

Anyway—how are your analytics looking?

Oh you don’t see much activity eh? Can’t get a sense of what type of people are visiting/navigating across your site because you have NO VISITORS.

Newsflash: an insight-based approach that included a few user personas and a basic engagement plan to drive & measure awareness, acquisition and advocacy may have added a little bit of insight to your awesomely executed website that you developed in a black hole. And look, I didn’t even use the word “strategy”!

That “strategy” included 4 simple steps. Not complex at all. And whether you are building a website, product or company strategy—the premise and rigor remain the same.

My POV: Think more about strategic execution

Don’t separate the deliverables from 2 camps both after the same end goal. It will help with collaboration across multiple disciplines. Insight-based decision making (aka strategy) is not a deliverable- it’s a mindset: before, during and after execution.

Yes, Jim, of course you should only develop plans you can successfully execute- (isn’t that strategy 101?) but honestly, they are only as strong as the people who developed them. Just sayin.

I’d love to co-author a post with you on how to simplify the complex, and highlight some frameworks that help keep strategy simple.


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