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Archive for 2016

Snapchat Update ^^

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

snapchat-videos smiley faceI consider myself a power user and I love the update. If I was a new user, this would be the easiest app to learn. Light + airy with better UI design. Ftr, I’m almost over the fact that I can’t skip stories anymore.

I also look at updates through the lens of a marketing director who may/may not want to spend $$ on the platform. And if you haven’t seen the latest trend data, eMarketer reported Snapchat’s userbase (150M) surpassed Twitter, and Pinterest is next.

My quick POV:

Consumer: It doesn’t shift or interrupt my user experience– in fact, I love the new Discover UI– it reminds of Flipboard.

Marketer: Sign me the hell up (but give me analytics!)

Details below.



Marketing to Millennials: Do This, Not That

Monday, April 11th, 2016

It’s Millennial Monday over here. I can’t escape it– well actually this handy Chrome extension is pretty good if you can’t stand seeing the word anymore. 

Anyway. STOP. Stop trying to be a millennial. STOP trying to talk like one. STOP trying so damn hard. They see right through you.

Rather than reiterate everything a recent Adweek post said on what NOT TO DO- you can read it here; and see the image below, it’s quick and SO on point.

But most importantly, read on for 4 best practices of WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!


AD WEEK millennial image


Digital Anthropology & Sociocultural Trends

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Last week my friend Doreen asked me to present something about digital at her ad agency’s cultural event titled #UrbanPharming. I chose to pull together a few trends that intersect with digital and social culture.

It was super fun and I was amongst some very cool speakers!


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