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Marketing to Millennials: Do This, Not That

Posted on Monday, 11th April, 2016

It’s Millennial Monday over here. I can’t escape it– well actually this handy Chrome extension is pretty good if you can’t stand seeing the word anymore. 

Anyway. STOP. Stop trying to be a millennial. STOP trying to talk like one. STOP trying so damn hard. They see right through you.

Rather than reiterate everything a recent Adweek post said on what NOT TO DO- you can read it here; and see the image below, it’s quick and SO on point.

But most importantly, read on for 4 best practices of WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!


AD WEEK millennial image


Manager strategy:

If they want a “millennial strategy” ask them why? Chances are they are being pressured by THEIR boss. Make them look smart and divert the conversation back to segmentation focused on why and where (that you can actually build ROI around vs. desperately trying to look cool to your elders who live and die for buzzwords and how to use Snapchat.) You know what’s cool? Strong ROI. Unless you have a product specifically geared towards a certain demographic (ie: fashion, digital music streaming, financial investment products for 25-35, retirement homes or Medicaid) step away from generational targeting– and lean into psychographic and technographic targeting instead.


Hiring strategy:

HIRE MORE MILLENNIALS. Let them create your content. Deal with it, these companies are.


Branding Strategy:

Identify and highlight your brand’s personality and values and position your brand to differentiate against the competition. Craft an authentic voice that highlights said personality, values and story. Share similar interests, make them laugh, make them think, and back them up when they need it.

It’s really not that hard. Be real. The narrative should be authentic, culturally relevant, and play into the brand’s own values and social responsibility and humanitarian efforts—millennials appreciate that more than you’d think.

Sweetgreen, Under Armour and Samsung do this very well without losing or altering their core brand message. Study their approach.


Execution strategy:

This is where culture plays into the mix; know where your audiences are (why they are there, what they do on certain channels and platforms) and be there if it makes sense. Be relevant. Be action oriented and make sure you can track your efforts against your marketing objectives.

Whatever you do, please don’t be on fleek.




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