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Snapchat Update ^^

Posted on Thursday, 9th June, 2016

snapchat-videos smiley faceI consider myself a power user and I love the update. If I was a new user, this would be the easiest app to learn. Light + airy with better UI design. Ftr, I’m almost over the fact that I can’t skip stories anymore.

I also look at updates through the lens of a marketing director who may/may not want to spend $$ on the platform. And if you haven’t seen the latest trend data, eMarketer reported Snapchat’s userbase (150M) surpassed Twitter, and Pinterest is next.

My quick POV:

Consumer: It doesn’t shift or interrupt my user experience– in fact, I love the new Discover UI– it reminds of Flipboard.

Marketer: Sign me the hell up (but give me analytics!)

Details below.


UI Design
SO much better. The masonry grid is on trend, and who wouldn’t welcome headline previews to entice someone to scroll through the publisher’s content (which, IMO was previously hidden and a big deterrent.)

Even better. I am happy the “personal” vs. paid content is still separate. This isn’t Facebook, if you tried to combine the 2 users would flip out.

  • Time stamps on personal content- love it
  • Discover section- love the headlines. Surfacing the content is a much better call to action to capture my interest.
  • Discover content:
    1. Some better than others, but obvi that’s up to the publisher; I prefer short form and video
    2. I also love how content is captured at the bottom after you’ve watched it

snapchat discover screendiscover already viewed content











I’m sure the marketers love these (consumer data begets more data).


They are soooooo hidden at the bottom of the content I’d guess 90% of people will miss them (assuming 50% of those 90% even scroll all the way to the bottom of the content, and with the short attention span of most- doubtful). I feel like Snapchat concededd to the wants of publishers without compromising the user experience of consumers. Wise move.

When you do subscribe– it’s not as intrusive the media are making it out to be “subscribed content will show up alongside the user-generated content and recent posts from your friends on the Stories page” … no it doesn’t. It goes to the bottom, beneath your friends and the “subscribed content” UI is 100% different. Doesn’t bother me at all and I know where to find it.

subscribesubscribed content screen










This is the best update I’ve seen so far. If I was a snapchat virgin marketer (and my brand was a good match for the platform and demo), I’d be more enticed to pilot content here. If I was an experienced marketer, I’d throw more money here immediately.

Now, where’s the metrics dashboard? Coming soon?


*Addendum 6/14* –  there’s been more updates!

Yesterday, 6/13, Snapchat announced the addition of an API that will place “Snap Ads” in between stories. They also named media buying and creative partners for the beta launch of the API. Lastly, they also hinted at various measurement capabilities they are working on. Its a long read but worth it if you really want the details. Read it here

Today 6/14, Snapchat and L2 Research released a study on how marketers are using the platform: They offer 9 slides that compare Snapchat to Instagram and also look at how specific companies are using Snapchat. Read full post here

5 main insights for Marketers:
1. Brands are slow to adopt

2. It’s all about frequency of content throughout the day

3. Content/posting is inconsistent (I believe brands are still working on producing the right content for Snapchat. There is great graph in the post that reinforces that)

4. Jewelry, cosmetics, consumer electronics & fashion are are the most active verticals. L’Oreal, Tarte Cosmetics, GE and Warby Parker are brands to watch who do it well

5. The best way to learn the platform, is to be on it and experiment!

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