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snapchat-videos smiley faceI consider myself a power user and I love the update. If I was a new user, this would be the easiest app to learn. Light + airy with better UI design. Ftr, I’m almost over the fact that I can’t skip stories anymore.

I also look at updates through the lens of a marketing director who may/may not want to spend $$ on the platform. And if you haven’t seen the latest trend data, eMarketer reported Snapchat’s userbase (150M) surpassed Twitter, and Pinterest is next.

My quick POV:

Consumer: It doesn’t shift or interrupt my user experience– in fact, I love the new Discover UI– it reminds of Flipboard.

Marketer: Sign me the hell up (but give me analytics!)

Details below.


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It’s Millennial Monday over here. I can’t escape it– well actually this handy Chrome extension is pretty good if you can’t stand seeing the word anymore. 

Anyway. STOP. Stop trying to be a millennial. STOP trying to talk like one. STOP trying so damn hard. They see right through you.

Rather than reiterate everything a recent Adweek post said on what NOT TO DO- you can read it here; and see the image below, it’s quick and SO on point.

But most importantly, read on for 4 best practices of WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!


AD WEEK millennial image

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Last week my friend Doreen asked me to present something about digital at her ad agency’s cultural event titled #UrbanPharming. I chose to pull together a few trends that intersect with digital and social culture.

It was super fun and I was amongst some very cool speakers!

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Last week I spent a few days at the inaugural SoDA Academy held at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn which featured a well curated 2-day curriculum of content designed by Farrah Bostic (brilliant planner/strategist).

A lot of people sometimes say conferences are a waste of time, especially the didactic kind where people talk at you for 2 days (eg: snooze fest)—however SoDA was designed as an immersive, workshop style—my fav.

It’s all about what you want to get out of it. I often attend professional summits/sessions for these 3 reasons:

  1. Validate what I’m currently doing is on point
  2. Uncover micro trends, cultural shifts and new approaches to solving creative business challenges
  3. Meet new people (it’s ALWAYS about the people)

A few takeaways…..
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I want to clear something up. I take issue with this latest post stating Execution Eats Strategy for Lunch.

Good strategy is just as important as good execution. To achieve success, one can’t exist without the other.

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