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Dear pharma: Ad Age wants to know if you’re listening?

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Ad Ageand Infegy just tracked the top brands ad spending by category and their associated social media ranking.

Not shocking, pharma led the bottom 10 brands as seen below in stats from the Ad Age post.
























Everyone from Chris Brogan to Jonathan Richman has been waxing on for years now about how message control in “marketing” a brand has shifted to the consumer . It’s not a 1 way street anymore. Irrespective of what you are marketing your brand as, your message may not resonate with your audience and quiet frankly may be redefined by them.

Scary thought, yes. But this isn’t new, this consumer led phonomena is here to stay. Take a card from the consumer world and bet on that success. If you are not addressing this as part of one of your strategic imperatives, you are missing the boat on the entire universe of PEOPLE deciding and influencing the worth of your brands, not the brand itself. (more…)

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