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Apple really is about the user experience

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011


I came into the Apple store on 14th/9th at 3:20 pm with a tech problem. I’m still here (writing this from my iPhone) Starving and missing my spin class right now (sorry @FlyJessA22) …..but shockingly none of that even matters.

My iPad1 wifi/antenna was broken which causes a huge issue with syncing to iCloud (um, & not being able to watch TWCable app in bed) After hours of diagnostics, friendly chatter & back & forth my uber genius Matt said the repair would be $389, and by repair that equates to a new iPad1 unit b/c they don’t open up the iPad1. They don’t even make iPads1s anymore. I have been waiting for 3 to come out b/c I have plenty of iPad2s I can use at work if need be. Either way I wasn’t planning on “buying” anything today….

I didn’t buy apple care for this iPad1 and I don’t remember why i didn’t.
Anyhow Matt excused himself & then came back and said he talked to his manger & they decided to just going to give me the new ipad1 at no charge, he didn’t feel right charging me for something that wasn’t my fault even if it was 89 days out of warranty. Then he installed iOS5 & showed me how to reinstall all my apps from iCloud (an hour later 116 apps are still downloading)

This whole experience was flat out amazing. Apple continues to impress me not only with their products, but with their gold standard user-centric/user experience positioning which goes far beyond devices/products and plays into in personal interaction/purchase behavior/customer service.

Thanks Matt. Thanks Apple. You really do make such a difference in people’s lives, especially mine.

Nielsen Revises iPad App Stats: Apple execs can sleep now

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Nielsen sent the media world astray 3 days ago:

31% of iPad owners never downloaded an app

Updated Today:

“9% of iPad owners never downloaded an app

Major change! …and thank god because their original numbers probably sent Apple marketing execs into a tizzy!

Wired reports Nielsen’s revised numbers now state a vast majority of iPad owners — more than 9 out of 10 — have downloaded an app.  Games are the most popular category, followed by books and music, as shown in Nielsen’s revised graphic, shown below.

Apple goes “Back to the Mac” with Mobile-focused UX

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Highlights from  Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event on October 20th

Last Wednesday, Apple announced a couple pretty cool enhancements to their MAC product line. Not surprisingly, Job’s focus was “mobile utility based” without releasing any updates to our defacto mobile devices. Apple knows their consumer. I like where his head is at.

No one tells a better visual story than Steve Jobs, so with respect to him, I’ll follow suit accordingly with a few juicy tidbits I snapped from the presentation.

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