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Social circles and influence

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Why people think social influence is an “online phenomena” is beyond me.

I’m kinda over the whole “social networking” terminology because it’s NOT new. It’s not even something that needs extraneous amounts of explanation.

If you were ever:

  • In a sorority
  • Art class
  • Yearbook staff
  • Bridge club with neighbors
  • PTA
  • Swim club/country club
  • Finals Club at Harvard

Yes? Then you have been social networking your whole life.

The “media” portion of “social networking”  (ie: social media) only relates to how technology enables and connects like minded individuals together and expands influence amongst one another- far beyond what we would ever have the time to do in person. The social web, and all social media that operate within it, is a way of thinking and communicating as opposed to a new channel.


It’s 100% behaviorally driven. New technology doesnʼt change how our brains work. For thousands of years, people have formed into groups, built strong and weak relationships with others, formed allegiances, and spread rumor and gossip. The emergence of the social web is simply our online world catching up with our offline world. (more…)

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