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Mobile Health Innovation: AliveCor ECG iPhone app & remote monitoring

Friday, January 14th, 2011

I have seen some amazing mobile health apps lately developed by physicians, but this ECG iPhone app announced at CES this week takes the cake. Who better to design the functional specifications than the experts themselves?

As reported by CNN, Dr. David Albert, an Oklahoma cardiologist developed this app and device. The device clips onto the back of the iPhone and is constructed like an ECG with two silver electrodes on the back, which allows someone to place the device directly onto their chest or another person’s (not to be confused with earlier ECG apps that utilize the microphone to assume & measure movement, not as medically accurate as actual electrodes).

Dr. Albert: “mobile connectivity is the most revolutionary part of the device”

As some mobile health trends predict for 2011, remote monitoring for health will fill a need place in the healthcare space— far beyond just transmitting cognitively driven & manually input health diaries; just watch as the remote heart monitoring comes to life in this video, courtesy of Lifetone Technology, Dr. Albert’s development company.

There are plans to file for 510K medical device and CE labels to market to the physician community as well as patients/consumers. Preliminary timing puts this app/device in market by April and at a cost less than $100, a far cry from what we know typical EKGs to cost.

Lots of physicians had some comments on this so Dr. Albert created another video showcasing how the ECG wirelessly streams to the iPad, or stores locally on secure servers for PDF readouts and other secure sharing tools.

Why is mobile health connectivity important and who could benefit from this app?

– EMTs
– paramedics
– immediate/emergency situations
– patients in rural cities in 3rd world countries with visiting physicians
– patients who need daily ECG monitoring from a home/remote location

Digilicious health-tech for all!

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