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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010


Insights and trends within the evolving world of marketing.

Candidly covering digital marketing, planning, social media, emerging tech, and the impact that macro digital trends have on our culture and consumer behavior.

Net-net: this is not another digital strategy blog; just a healthy side of it, like kale.


About Jess Seilheimer

I am the hybrid they say does not exist; I call this Cretegic (creative and strategic). I live at the intersection where market trends and technology shape our culture, behaviors and experiences. I focus on using insights to develop meaningful digital brands, products and experiences.

I have spent 10+ years in brand marketing, strategic planning and product development for consumer ad agencies across CPG, retail, beauty, venture-backed startups, technology, travel, health & wellness, finance, B2B corporate and pharma.

Everyone likes to talk the talk about strategically evolving advertising into customer engagement. Luckily my past roles at multiple advertising agencies allowed me to “think” and “do” just that (and write about it.)

How I think
I have always been curious and connected– I am my own usability test. I subscribe to the lean startup method and support an iterative approach over the certainty of 1 big idea. I pull from every angle; twist, turn, and bend through trial and error. My failures have lead to success more often than not; I haven’t been able to build experience and develop expertise without it.

What I value
I value data, creative as a mindset (vs. a discipline), transparency, generation flux and being in a constant state of beta. I flourish in creative environments fueled by positive energy, and enjoy a collaborative approach to life; professionally and personally.

Cool things I’ve done
I am a guest lecturer at Columbia Business School, NYU, a contributor to Alleywatch, eConsultancy, SocialMediaWeekNYC, and Medical Marketing & Media, was a speaker at Planningness 2014 and delivered the keynote speech for WPU’s Freshman Convocation in 2014.

Other cool things that inspire me
I live in Manhattan. I’m a huge fan of Pearl Jam (44 shows and counting), style, beauty, fitness, design and Jane Pratt has forever been a huge inspiration of mine capturing the voice of 90s/GenX that has never been replicated (long live Sassy and Jane magazines!) I’m also inspired by interesting people, candid opinions (see my other blog: The Whinedown), good UX, sharpies, sketchbooks and all things techxy (Tony Stark, ahem).









We create meaningful brands and products + effective digital marketing experiences.

For capabilities and case studies, please visit Cretegic or email info at cretegic dot com

Our strategic approach:
Digital is how we live, not a marketing discipline.
Read more on how marketing has changed.

A smart strategy is built off understanding data and consumer insights that address their unmet needs. Good design and technology enable meaningful digital experiences that “do” things for people, vs. “say” things to them. Activation plans should drive customer engagement, acquisition, retention and advocacy. Not every combination tastes the same for the end user, so we frequently mix up flavors of engagement and measure the performance of everything!



Caveat: My opinions and POVs are my own, and may not represent those of my current and past employers or clients. 



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