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Using visualization to drive creativity & strategy

Monday, January 17th, 2011

I think Mark Suster might be my soulmate. His post on TechCrunch this morning “How I Use Visualization To Drive Creativity” is one of the BEST posts I have ever read. Yes, ever. It’s good to know (and feel validated) that I’m not crazy for following almost the *exact* same processes as Mark does when it comes to the creative process for communicating information.

photo credit: Hugh Macleod

As someone who loathes lined notebooks and prefers not to take notes on my iPad in meetings, I am sometimes mocked for being “old skool”. Take it or leave it people, I like my fine tip ballpoint pens, sharpies and sketch books—that will never go away (well, except for when I use my Livecribe Echo pen which has helped matters for time/sharing efficiency purposes only— who doesn’t like a pen that translates your notes/sketches to a PDF or converts it into a word.doc in 3 seconds?)

People look at my notebook and often seem confused (or worse think I am confused) because I take notes in clusters and then almost always connect them with different color pens/highlighters as I start to create a structure for whatever it is that I am trying to relate or communicate. I do the same prior to building PPT/Keynote decks. It’s formally called mind mapping, but I call it creategic [cre-tegic]; a combo of creativity & strategy.


MA in digication?

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Working towards a self-appointed Masters in Digication?

Who isn’t? The world of advertising has evolved and most of us are playing catch up, pacing (sometimes sprinting to reach the front of the pack) with the likes of Google and Apple who continue to define ease of use through technology for all of us. Our generation (my generation) didn’t go to school for this. Gen Yr’s (aka, Millennials) are amidst this education. So what does this all mean to us Gen Xr’s and specifically healthcare advertising? Last year I read a great post on how current and future physicians and consumers are are being taught to communicate, consume and utilize information differently as it relates to social engagement with each other, and with brands. To stay competitive, to be a formidable player in this crazy world of advertising, we need to digicate ourselves on the best ways to turn advertising into engagement. (more…)


Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Testing out typography and image styling.

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