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5 must haves for building a digital dream team

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Rarely do I syndicate other content on my blog– but this is a MUST read from Harvard Business Review.  As someone who has spent enormous amounts of time over the years recruiting and cultivating the right talent I can’t even pick 1 of the 5 things mentioned as most important because they are ALL equally weighted.

I have written multiple posts about being t-shaped, having horizontal skillsthe art of activating your curiosity, lean decision making and most importantly being able to think AND do— all unique qualities that define a successful digital lead.

Enjoy– I honestly have nothing else to add– this is spot on.

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originally posted August 21, 2013 on the HBR Blog by Perry Hewitt the Chief Digital Officer at @Harvard


SheSays Digital Strategy course: NYC 7/20/2012

Monday, July 16th, 2012

For those of you that are still wrapping your heads around what digital strategy is and how to work that into your job, agency, etc… you might want to check out this course this Friday in NYC. It’s less didactic and more workshop– every part of the day has an active learning component which I always love and brings what you learn into practical activation.

Why should you care (and consider, yet another, digital strategy course?)

Because you will learn something from the best of the best- and it’s all about the people who know what the hell they are talking about. The course is sponsored by SheSays, an award-winning organization running free mentorship and events to women in the creative and digital marketing businesses. The class is being taught by 3 of the women I admire the most in strategy/digital innovation. These women are no joke- what they say is always spot on and actionable.

Ana Andjelic: Digital Strategist at Droga5. Ana has a Ph.D in Sociology from Colombia and wrote her dissertation on digital branding. She frequently teaches the HyperIsland MasterClass and at Miami Ad School. Her blog i [love] marketing always has great content.

Farrah Bostic: Founder of The Difference Engine, a responsive strategy and design consultancy. She is, at heart, a strategist and creative technologist with expertise within innovation, social media and mobile utilities. Her blog PrettyLittleHead is one of my favorites.

Alessandra Lariu: co-founder of SheSays and CEO of shout SHOUT, a community for women focused on crowdsourcing creative collaboration/ideation for business. She has also worked as a Creative Director at McCann NY.

The content for the day is diverse and organized well; I love that there is a section on KPIs built in here– of the utmost importance to anyone working in digital– it’s not just about the thinking (that What) it’s about activation (the How)- and that involves measurement; my personal soapbox! I also love how the focus will be on tools for collaboration between digital strategists and other disciplines in the organization; super important for anyone building a department or figuring out how to work digital strategy into an existing organization.

Learn a little bit more about the course below. Think about it as an investment in intellectual capitol- well worth it. (more…)

UNSUBSCRIBE. Email marketing fail.

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Over the last few years (pre social media time) email has been the basis for my “digital” CRM communication, and remains such for a large part of the rest of the US. I consciously opt into 75% of the CRM emails I receive. Key word- consciously. It keeps everything I want in one place, my inbox. I receive ~50-60 marketing/solicitation emails a day. (Note: I DO NOT subscribe to blog post updates in email- I save that for my RSS reader/Flipboard).

I subscribe to lots of different email CRM. To date email has been my choice of how I prefer to receive information about brands/products/categories of things I’m interested in/have a relationship with. (I like everything on Facebook but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll make it into my feed, email always gets into my inbox)

  • Fashion & beauty retailers like Barneys, Bloomingdales, Origins, Sephora
  • Concert ticket announcements from Ticketmaster, LiveNation and The Bowery Presents
  • Daily deals like Gilt Group, RueLaLa, Groupon, DailyCandy
  • Personal Credit & banking updates from Amex, Citi, ING, WellsFargo
  • NYC neighborhood events and ongoings
  • Health plan updates from Aetna
  • Competitive products that I work on professionally (ps- anyone that works in marketing & doesn’t do this is not doing their job, IMO)
  • LinkedIn, Meetup, Plancast general & group updates

I rarely rant via my blog, but I am going to now- so consider yourself warned. I’m at the point that I might cease all branded email communication except for a handful of brands/companies—I know how I can find the rest of it in my Facebook/Twitter feed or one of my friends is sure to tell me about it via WOM. (more…)

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