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Manhattan Research’s latest…and scariest “E-Empowered Consumers”

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Manhattan Research released a press release today. Insights into how patients make decisions and how the internet MAY replace HCPs…

In this year’s tenth edition of the Cybercitizen Health® U.S. study, pharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research sought to quantify the impact the Internet was having on how consumers manage their health by identifying a population of  “E-Empowered Consumers.”

What did they find?

99 Million E-Empowered Consumers are Using Online Information and Tools to Take a More Active Role in Their Healthcare (more…)

#digpharm Follow-up: An Actionable Plan

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Now that we’re back home—what to do what to do…?

Unlike my day 1 #digpharm recap of the 2 workshops I attended re: AZ Social Media Case Study and Going Mobile (which were easy to capture in under 1500 words) I will not attempt to recap the entire Digital Pharma East Conference that took place over the last week Oct 18- 21st in Philadelphia, PA.

If you’re really looking for  an in-depth play-by-play recap of each of the tracks—your best bet may be jumping on Twitter and searching the hashtag #digpharm. It will offer you a hierarchical /linear flow from Day 1- Day 4 with a plethora of POVs from various conference attendees.

#digpharm follow-up

I choose to focus on establishing an actionable follow-up plan, to be taken into consideration for all us marketing professionals out there. Follow-up is key to a successful real-world application of any learning experience, and time is of the essence. (more…)

Boehringer’s Drive4COPD

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Boehringer developed Drive for COPD patient advocate program last year and just stepped up their awareness efforts via

They are offering a new social ambassador community online promoting the importance of COPD screening.

Via joining a “Race Team” ambassador contest, patient advocates are encouraged to enroll other ambassadors to get screened for COPD. Every five screeners completed on the ambassador’s behalf, get one entry for a chance to win a trip to join their DRIVE4COPD Celebrity Race Team Member at a screening event on November 4, 2010 called “Race for the Millions Missing”.


MA in digication?

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Working towards a self-appointed Masters in Digication?

Who isn’t? The world of advertising has evolved and most of us are playing catch up, pacing (sometimes sprinting to reach the front of the pack) with the likes of Google and Apple who continue to define ease of use through technology for all of us. Our generation (my generation) didn’t go to school for this. Gen Yr’s (aka, Millennials) are amidst this education. So what does this all mean to us Gen Xr’s and specifically healthcare advertising? Last year I read a great post on how current and future physicians and consumers are are being taught to communicate, consume and utilize information differently as it relates to social engagement with each other, and with brands. To stay competitive, to be a formidable player in this crazy world of advertising, we need to digicate ourselves on the best ways to turn advertising into engagement. (more…)

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