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UNSUBSCRIBE. Email marketing fail.

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Over the last few years (pre social media time) email has been the basis for my “digital” CRM communication, and remains such for a large part of the rest of the US. I consciously opt into 75% of the CRM emails I receive. Key word- consciously. It keeps everything I want in one place, my inbox. I receive ~50-60 marketing/solicitation emails a day. (Note: I DO NOT subscribe to blog post updates in email- I save that for my RSS reader/Flipboard).

I subscribe to lots of different email CRM. To date email has been my choice of how I prefer to receive information about brands/products/categories of things I’m interested in/have a relationship with. (I like everything on Facebook but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll make it into my feed, email always gets into my inbox)

  • Fashion & beauty retailers like Barneys, Bloomingdales, Origins, Sephora
  • Concert ticket announcements from Ticketmaster, LiveNation and The Bowery Presents
  • Daily deals like Gilt Group, RueLaLa, Groupon, DailyCandy
  • Personal Credit & banking updates from Amex, Citi, ING, WellsFargo
  • NYC neighborhood events and ongoings
  • Health plan updates from Aetna
  • Competitive products that I work on professionally (ps- anyone that works in marketing & doesn’t do this is not doing their job, IMO)
  • LinkedIn, Meetup, Plancast general & group updates

I rarely rant via my blog, but I am going to now- so consider yourself warned. I’m at the point that I might cease all branded email communication except for a handful of brands/companies—I know how I can find the rest of it in my Facebook/Twitter feed or one of my friends is sure to tell me about it via WOM. (more…)

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