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All eyes on digital health—Google has taken stake in healthtech with their new company, Calico

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

google Calico Time coverGoogle today announced Calico, a new company that will focus on health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases. Are they going to be the new Genentech? Not exactly. Not much info offered about the new venture- but Business Insider and Time reported (both long, worthy reads, if for nothing more you get the inside scoop on Google X and Sergey Brin’s definition of what a “moonshot” idea is– very interesting and 80% of what the Time piece focuses on vs. Calico).

Quoting Time: “What’s certain is that looking at medical problems through the lens of data and statistics, rather than simply attempting to bring drugs to market, can produce startlingly counterintuitive opinions. It’s a lot easier to take Google’s venture seriously if you live under the invisible dome over Silicon Valley, home to a worldview whereby, broadly speaking, there is no problem that can’t be addressed by the application of liberal amounts of technology and everything is solvable if you reduce it to data and then throw enough processing power at it.”

Google is holding details of Calico close to the vest but sources close to the project suggest it will start small and focus entirely on researching “new technologies” and use its’ core data-handling skills to shed new light on familiar age-related maladie. Ah, new technologies. There we have it.

 “There’s tremendous potential for technology more generally to improve people’s lives.”


My prediction—Clearly Google now has a company to invest in health tech and will be an acquisition powerhouse for all things digital health.


Trends in health tech funding and acquisitions gain momentum; all eyes on digital health

With 2013 heath tech investments topping 2012—this move by Google doesn’t surprise me. Who wouldn’t a piece of this booming vertical?  Rock Health recently published their mid-year insights & trends report for digital health funding: $849M invested in 90 different companies.  This is 12% more money and 25% more deal volume than this time last year.

digital health investment- Rock Health

Credit: Rock Health Mid-Year Update on Digital Heath Funding




Jawbone acquiring Massive Health in February followed by BodyMedia in April—and then Nutrivise in August, and just a few days ago announced they received 100M in new funding to keep up with the demand for wearable technology. Additionally, 38 digital health companies/products raised $4.5M+ across crowdfunding platforms Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Medstartr thus far in 2013.


crowdfunded health tech companies 2013

Credit: Rock Health Mid-Year Update on Digital Heath Funding


Foundation for success

Their CEO and founding investor Arthur D. Levinson is at the helm—his background firmly rooted in science & tech (ie: Chairman and former CEO of Genentech and Chairman Apple) sounds like a recipe for success.

Fitbit and Jawbone better watch out—Google’s on your heels and my guess is they aren’t going to crawl slowly into their vision of enabling technology to “cure” the world.

It’s a good time to be a digital health startup in Silicon Valley (or Mountain View).  As the time article stated “Who the hell else is going to do it?” Couldn’t agree more. Well done Google and good luck!


Digging into the new Google Consumer Surveys

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Been reading about the new Google Consumer Surveys.

In case you dont know what it is here a quick video that explains it.
(Google totally masters video overviews in under the 1:15 mark!)


Social relationships get more important to Google search

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Google announced an important update to their social search function today. They’ll be indexing Flickr, Quora, and Twitter into their search results— and they are no longer at the bottom- they will be mixed throughout (which has marketing-related implications I’ll save for another post).

I’m posting mostly for my friends whom I bet close to 50% of them don’t even know that Google launched  “social search” function in 2009 here .

Meaning, when you search for info in Google, some results are served up to you from the people you interact with in your online social circles.


Because relationships are relevant.  Online social networks have changed our behavior over the past few years.  We’ve gotten to used to searching, consuming and sharing  information fed to us through social networks, like Facebook and Twitter and blogs. (ie: for those of us who actually use the Facebook platform for searching/ sharing/consuming info vs. stalking)…Google knows that; so they’ve integrated our opinions into your search to be more PERSONALLY relevant for you.

It’s pretty cool if you trust opinions and news shared by your friends. If you don’t, you might want to rethink who you interact with on a regular basis within your social networks so they wont show up in your Google search results!

The short post/video below from Google explains it. Oh, and apologies in advance if I come up in your search results when you weren’t expecting it–let’s call them “socially amplified opinions”.

Interactive storytelling: Google’s “20 Things”

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Google’s new interactive book “20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web.”

A new and fun guidebook from Google on things you’ve always wanted to know about browsers & the web (but were afraid to ask).

click on all images to enlarge them

Created by the Google Chrome team and built in HTML5, Google attempts to bring sense to the remaining 92% of the non-geeked out world by offering a step-by-step explanation of the web and how it works. (more…)

Blekko. Slashtag search engine launches: an opportunity to simplify #ehealth searches?

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Will the emergence of the new search engine Blekko simplify search efforts for patients?

Searching for health-related information is confusing and can be overwhelming. Do you start with Google or Microsoft Bing? OR, now Blekko which offers a real differentiator in how search results are served up to information seekers, based on their customized search criteria? Blekko brings that in the form of /slashtags.

The main differentiator of Blekko is the ‘slashtag’. Slashtags are essentially filters for search results.

(click on all images to enlarge them) (more…)

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