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Can we please put an end to disruptive advertising? Now.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

A little birdie told me about Hubspot marketing resources in March of 2009. Mike Volpe was 1 of the first people I ever followed on Twitter.

2+ years, 7 webinars and lots of blog posts later I am still a fan and I still believe in and act on their philosophy of changing disruptive outbound advertising into permissive inbound communication and relationship building which I have adopted and shaped into my own strategic construct.

You cant, and shouldn’t ignore their approach to marketing. See for youself here in their new work of art.

64 slides what?! Seems long but it’s not. You get the point ever so quickly especially with the awesome visual aesthetics. If you are new to this thinking, I hope it sticks with you as much as it has with me.

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