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Using visualization to drive creativity & strategy

Monday, January 17th, 2011

I think Mark Suster might be my soulmate. His post on TechCrunch this morning “How I Use Visualization To Drive Creativity” is one of the BEST posts I have ever read. Yes, ever. It’s good to know (and feel validated) that I’m not crazy for following almost the *exact* same processes as Mark does when it comes to the creative process for communicating information.

photo credit: Hugh Macleod

As someone who loathes lined notebooks and prefers not to take notes on my iPad in meetings, I am sometimes mocked for being “old skool”. Take it or leave it people, I like my fine tip ballpoint pens, sharpies and sketch books—that will never go away (well, except for when I use my Livecribe Echo pen which has helped matters for time/sharing efficiency purposes only— who doesn’t like a pen that translates your notes/sketches to a PDF or converts it into a word.doc in 3 seconds?)

People look at my notebook and often seem confused (or worse think I am confused) because I take notes in clusters and then almost always connect them with different color pens/highlighters as I start to create a structure for whatever it is that I am trying to relate or communicate. I do the same prior to building PPT/Keynote decks. It’s formally called mind mapping, but I call it creategic [cre-tegic]; a combo of creativity & strategy.


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