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IDing the right social platforms for marketing/social CRM

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot of POVs and social activation playbooks on how to use social platforms for marketing/social CRM.

Not every social platform is appropriate for every brand (depending on the behaviors of your target audience and what your brand objectives are) as supported by Digiday’s review of a few industry social marketers and what emerging social platforms their are considering for their brands. Once that is determined, creating a weighted grid around spend/effort for each platform is necessary for any marketing director to appropriately plan for budget and resourcing needs.

Based on brand objectives, I’ve been focusing on the following dimensions

  • Which platforms are right for your customer?
  • What’s the demographic utilization and traction of each platform?
  • What marketing capabilities do each platform have?
  • What are the expected marketing results?

I wish I had this infographic from a month ago. (I also wish Pinterest and Instagram and Google+ were in here in place of Digg). I might just make my own, these infographic tools are getting easier to use everyday- and they are really fun when you play around with the interface templates.

Chief Marketing Officers and Social Media

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