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Digital Anthropology & Sociocultural Trends

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Last week my friend Doreen asked me to present something about digital at her ad agency’s cultural event titled #UrbanPharming. I chose to pull together a few trends that intersect with digital and social culture.

It was super fun and I was amongst some very cool speakers!


2014: The Year Marketing Trends Matured

Monday, January 13th, 2014

We’re always chasing the shiny bouncing ball.

bouncing balls trends

Many people confuse tactics and trends. Case in point: Snapchat is not a trend. It’s a social platform, a social tactic. (some of which are still being piloted ie: Bloomberg. ON snapchat?) When the demo are teenagers/young adults who use the app to share private stories they otherwise wouldn’t. Do you think they want financial info? Following where I’m going?

But the micro trend is called ephemeral media (aka”disappearing media”)  which is getting tons of buzz and marketers want a part of it.

Snap! I got off topic, let’s talk about THE REAL MACRO marketing trends!

2014: The Year Marketing Trends Matured

I’ve been sensing people looking, searching for trends things to write about—mostly because there aren’t really “new” trends being uncovered… the trends that we saw last year are being slightly reimagined and are maturing this year—and that’s a good thing. Allows us to process, learn and make informed decisions.

In this post I’m covering 4 marketing topics:

  • Tech
  • Healthtech (b/c it deserves a separate topic)
  • Social
  • Analytics


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