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Snapchat Update ^^

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

snapchat-videos smiley faceI consider myself a power user and I love the update. If I was a new user, this would be the easiest app to learn. Light + airy with better UI design. Ftr, I’m almost over the fact that I can’t skip stories anymore.

I also look at updates through the lens of a marketing director who may/may not want to spend $$ on the platform. And if you haven’t seen the latest trend data, eMarketer reported Snapchat’s userbase (150M) surpassed Twitter, and Pinterest is next.

My quick POV:

Consumer: It doesn’t shift or interrupt my user experience– in fact, I love the new Discover UI– it reminds of Flipboard.

Marketer: Sign me the hell up (but give me analytics!)

Details below.



What the hell does a digital strategist / planner do, anyway?

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Someone asked me the other day to explain my job function. I started to talk about one thing and then another and then another and then another…and then I stopped when I realized I was jumping all over the place and said, “I think I need to visualize the structure and get back to you”.

This was an eye opening moment for me in many ways because over the past 2 years my responsibilities have grown, shifted, adapted and redefined themselves on a need-based timeline. I know what I do on a daily basis; I know no day is ever the same; I’m in a needs-based position. I am also cognizant of having the word strategist in my title; it begs for a “functional” definition of what do you “do”? Not what do you “think”– but what is it that you “do”, what do you “produce”?

So I’ve gone through this exercise to sketch out what is I think a digital strategist/planner does. (based on my personal experiences and what skills I believe are needed for optimal cross-channel marketing integration)











The net-net: I believe a digital strategist provide guidance to departments: account, creative, UX and production & works as a liaison with departments such as UX, IT, project management and analytics. We facilitate the path for others to define and design sustainable ideas, quality engagement initiatives and memorable experiences across digital channel opportunities, and sometimes I even create those paths alone, by myself. (more…)

Loving the WikiNodes iPad app

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

I’m always perusing through new iPad apps to check out UX & design and WikiNodes definitely caught my eye. WikiNodes puts the knowledge of Wikipedia at your fingertips. Articles are displayed as nodes that you can touch, drag and spin around.


This has an awesome fluid interface. It’s yet again, an entirely new way of searching & consuming info (if you trust Wikipedia). I did a sample search of NYC Subways and here was the result. The interface presentation of information similar to that of mind mapping, which I love. Nodes link together sections of Wikipedia articles and related topics, making Wikipedia come to life.




click to photo to enlarge





When you tap any node, it expands to give you more information.




click photo to enlarge





Or, switch to a full-page view to display articles as pages, then scroll up and down.




click photo to enlarge





Proof everything doesn’t have to be linear in its contextual relevance when you’re researching anything that is of interest to you.

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