El Salvador falls on his visit to Nicaragua

El Salvador falls on his visit to Nicaragua

The Grenadier By Byron Bon scored a penalty at 82′ the historical goal with what Nicaraguaa, in his 25th duel in his history against The Saviorwill defeat the Cuscatleco team at the National Stadium in Managua.

A very balanced match on the artificial turf of the National Stadium of Managua, which welcomed a large number of fans who enjoyed a match played by football shown in midfield by the two eleven and where it was confirmed that Nicaragua has sustained tangible progress in his technical work and tactics under Chilean Marco Antonio “el Fantasma” Figueroa. The Chilean imbued him with a frontal and determined football, but always with the current DNA that characterized pinolero football trying to take advantage of the chances that his midfielder generated and where the imprecision of his attackers was at the time of day.

El Salvador showed in Managua, a new team in their lines, except for the work of Mario González who returned to the property in the national goal, the defense sent by coach Hugo Pérez was unprecedented; with Clavel and Montes on the wings and working with Ronald Gómez Rodríguez and Erick Cabalceta in central defense, an innovative shield that naturally showed cracks in coordination and coverage that got goalkeeper Alianza in trouble on more than one occasion.

Where the national team failed was in midfield, where Marvin Hernández Ramos showed his lack of work on Pérez’s tactical idea since he never got along with Joshua Pérez who returned in national team to try to overrun on the left wing.

On the other side, Jairo Henríquez struggled to connect to show off his football, which made it difficult for Cristian Martínez to back up the local attack which ended atop the northern plot of El Salvador.

Up front, Pérez relied on the speed of Cristian Gil Hurtado and Amando Moreno, who was returning to the national team after his serious injury the previous year.

Jairo Henríquez had warmed up the Fox keeper’s gloves when he received an excellent assist from Joshua Pérez, but Henríquez was caught in a forbidden position.

Nicaragua scared twice in one minute when Moncada shot over the Salvadoran goal on 35′ after goalkeeper Mario González had saved a poisoned cross from Abner Acuña who was looking for Byron Bonilla, after the “7 “Nicaraguan escaped well on the left wing.

Nicaragua insisted and midfielder Matías Vélis almost scored in the 38th minute when he had time and space to shoot on goal, but the local attacking midfielder’s shot went wide of the left post of the north goal defended by González.

These were Nicaragua’s best moments against a Cuscatleca defense that showed a lot of doubts about closing spaces on the wings, especially in Rudy Clavel’s sector.

Bonilla lost in the 44′ by concluding the local attack with a goal when the Nicaraguan “10” finished the precise center of Acuña from the left wing on the Salvadoran goal.


The second half began with five new faces on the pitch, including four in the Cuscatleco side who sought to erase the bad face they showed in the first half when dominated by the local team.

It is for this reason that Tomás Romero replaced González in the national goal, Harold Osorio entered on his debut for the senior team and oxygenated the attack with the debut of Mayer Gil Hurtado and the contribution of Kevin Reyes.

With the departure of Cabalceta, coach Pérez also modified his defense by placing Reyes on the right flank and placing Clavel in the middle with Gómez Rodríguez.

The changes began to bear fruit, with El Salvador more propositional on the artificial turf, but Nicaragua did not abandon their attacking style and began to generate their involving football, with interesting associations.

The local central defender, Marvin Fletes, went wide at 56′ when his header, before a corner from Bonilla, passed near the left post of Romero’s goal.

After 60 minutes, Nicaragua regained control of the game after five minutes of high pressure from La Selecta and began to subdue the national defense, which had to multiply.

Hugo Pérez also made his debut at 71′ for Juan Carlos Argueta de Goterá, who came on to replace Cristian Gil Hurtado.

El Salvador gave their second-best chance at 75′ after Jairo Henríquez broke away down the left flank and tried to cross Argueta in the air, who was closing in, but centre-back Téllez sent a header in the corner.

Costa Rican-Salvadoran Adán Clímaco also made his Managua debut, playing the last 11 minutes of the match, replacing Montes Renderos at left-back.

But a personal move by Byron Bonilla resulted in a foul from Gómez Rodríguez in the box for Honduran referee Matamoros to signal the penalty spot.

The same “Shark” Bonilla, like “Panenka”, beat Tomás Romero at 82′, who even pinched the ball before it entered the south goal but failed to do so 1-0 in favor of Nicaragua in an equitable manner.

Even the six minutes offered by the Matamoros referee did not allow the Selecta to avoid a historic defeat at the end of its work in 2022.

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