Family sources deny the death of Pablo Milanés

Family sources deny the death of Pablo Milanés

Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes He is still hospitalized in Spain, but is evolving favorably.

Relatives of the artist They denied the rumors of his deathwhich began circulating on social media this Wednesday afternoon.

“I think I should clarify on behalf of the family that my father stay with us and LIVEThanks to the generous Universe. We are grateful to those who truly cared about their health. Force”, wrote one of his daughters, Liam Milanés, on Facebook.

Screenshot Facebook / Liam Milanés

Alejandro Gutiérrez, husband of Haydée Milanés, also confirmed Cyber ​​Cuba that the news is completely false and left a comment on their social networks.

“The campaign of love against the ‘words’ of Ana Hurtado is so great that someone in high places has decided to say that Pablo is dead to distort this #PabloEsCuba,” Gutiérrez said.

Facebook capture / Alejandro Gutiérrez

His daughter Lynn Milanés also denied the news via a publication by the artistic director Helson Hernandez on Facebook.

“With all authority I tell you that he is in much better health and with a great evolution, and he remains in hospital for a few days in the health center where he is recovering in Spain. I am only alert that when they see posts like they don’t unnecessarily fall into sadness and pain,” the note reads.

Capture Facebook / Helson Hernández

“Thank God everything was a misunderstanding and the maestro Pablo Milanés is good that he lasts another thousand years with us”, published shortly after the official page of Adalberto Álvarez y su Son, one of the first to present his condolences to the face. rumors of Paul’s death.

Screenshot Facebook / Adalberto Álvarez and his son

Pablo Milanés was hospitalized a few days ago due to gallbladder problem and urinary tract infection, confirmed Cyber ​​Cuba with known sources.

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