Georgina Rodriguez refuses to help her sister and nephews financially

Georgina Rodriguez refuses to help her sister and nephews financially

The Georgina Rodriguez’s half-sister appeared in front of Spanish television cameras to accuse the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo to leave her helpless when she needed his help the most. since now Patricia and her children live in an abandoned house, waiting for the authorities to find her and remove her from the house she entered without the consent of her owners.

The bad relationship between Georgina Rodríguez and her sister

Despite Georgina Rodriguez He opened up about the amazing relationship he has with his sister Ivana on his Netflix reality show, he didn’t show on camera the issues he has with his half-sister Patricia, who he shares with a filial bond through her father, since he didn’t even mention her or talk about her.

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Patricia, sister of Georgina Rodríguez
Patricia, sister of Georgina Rodríguez. Photo: Instagram

Georgina Rodríguez’s sister asks her for money to survive

Now, Patricia appeared in front of television cameras beg Georgina to help him financially, because she has no house to raise her children, nor money to eat. And she’s desperate for talk to his sister.

“I’m broke and my sister doesn’t help me. What hurts me the most are my children, not me. After all, I can eat hard with a piece of bread, but my children, who are their nephews…”, confessed Patricia to the magazine Socialité.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo
Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo: Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife is silent at the request of her sister

“Georgina, I need help, you are my sister. I know she has no obligation and responsibility, but since she is supportive and so good with others, at least she is with her nephews. If you don’t want me, let it be with your nephews,” he said.

However, for now, Georgina Rodriguez, who lives in a luxurious mansion worth around 20 million pounds and travels all the time with his friends, has remained silent on his sister’s demands. Well, she and Cristiano Ronaldo They are facing fierce controversy after the footballer’s harsh statements against the team he currently plays for.

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