He was going to get some wool and El Tata Martino came out shorn

He was going to get some wool and El Tata Martino came out shorn

GIRONA — Yes Gerard Martino He was looking for a light against Sweden, he was dazzled. Mexico, according to Tata, would find traces of Poland in the work of the Scandinavians on Wednesday evening. Surely it happened.

Impossible to miss the mark. Unable to avoid blackboard prejudice and prejudice. Remember that there are markers that qualify and others that disqualify, and there are markers that rank and others that disqualify. So, let’s record with fire this Mexico 2-1 Sweden at the Montilivi stadium in Girona.

Operation? Understand that inside Sweden there was more of a gamble around 2026, than being an ominous emerging sparring partner in the present of Mexicoit becomes clear that The threeAt times he showed his best face in the last two years, but without forgetting the recklessness, the inattention, the mistakes of mark.

Attention: improving performance on a scale of one to five, starting from zero, also does not mean the buoyancy of football when your direct opponents in the World Cup They are ranked from one to ten.

That is to say, hitting a sparring partner who also takes you as a sparring partner does not mean you are ready for a world title fight. Because, besides, you lost the fight. Here the 2-1 reappears. Even in the most luxurious gyms, there are those who spit blood and those who collect it.

Gerard Martino You will have to make adjustments in midfield. They have two players ready to prove their quality, amid the inevitable surprise of their inexperience, like Luis Chávez and Charly Rodríguez.

On the other hand, he is obsessed with Héctor Herrera as a central midfielder. It was like that with him, once, the Cholo Simeone at Atlético de Madrid, until he quit and celebrated the Mexican’s departure to MLS. What is certain is that The skunkToday, he is in his best physical shape in recent months. You’re right Tatatalent is not lost, but it rusts.

For those who have begun to generously scatter confetti, it is understood that the purposeful, orderly and festive Sweden he does not remotely represent the bellicose coolness of the Poles. Between the bottom of these and the blood oath of these, there are many who will cringe, admittedly, on both sides.

It’s worth breaking a spear for the players of the Sorting. they are already in Qatar 2022. The Swedes are hardly trying to get excited about 2026. It had to play and bite, but not stay toothless. Reasonable, then, that several Mexicans take care of their legs in the face of the toughness of their opponents. One of them, without a doubt, was Raúl Jiménez, because in two of those actions that he chased with sinister voracity, he escaped them.

Go ahead, there is work. when it appears PolandHirving Lozano will be the reference player, the leading and wise footballer who does not fall into his hobbies of other games with The three, to want to become the emerging hero and to give up position and obligations. The best leader in the field is the one who serves and not the one who just waits to serve and be served. This vice ended up ruining his skills in key games in 2021 and 2022.

Have, chucky, on the other side, an Alexis Vega in the prime of life and who was almost dismembered, with autopsy included, in several entries, by the selected Swede. This balance upsets the balance of the opposing defense devices.

The rest should be given by work. But Sorting He only has four days left before he jumps before Poland who obviously also suffers from a few shortcomings, especially since in his last five games he has conceded 11 goals and scored only four, of course four of those games, against the elite of world football , as The Netherlands and Belgium. Their 1-0 victory over Chile on Wednesday guarantees nothing.

What do you know Mexico of Poland? Gerard Martino has a wonderful encyclopedia at his fingertips, just like his compatriot Marcelo Bielsa. The fool He gave a lecture at the Legia Warsaw stadium, in which he dissected the Polish team. Before the presentation, bielsa reviewed the last 60 matches of Poland and build cases on 55 of its players.

The exhibition was attended by the technician from the Selection of Poland, Czeslaw Michniewicznicknamed the “Polish Mourinho”, who carefully followed the recommendations of bielsa on how to deal with their opponents’ strategies, with a line of three or four players in the background.

Would it be too much to ask FMF Already Martino that the costs are covered for a few days, so that The fool enter the bowels of Sortingat the Simaisma hotel, to educate the technical staff and the players?

Because in the end, a death row inmate goes to everyone. Or not?

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