Insfrán at a press conference: “The Nuclear Medicine Center is already present, all that is missing is the protocol question for its inauguration”

As part of her visit to the provinces, the Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti; the governor, Gildo Insfrán; and the Minister of Human Development, Aníbal Gómez, gave a joint press conference where they discussed various issues related to the health portfolio.

One was the early opening of the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy, which will mark a new milestone in provincial public health and will be tasked with ensuring equity and accessibility for the entire population to state-of-the-art infrastructure. equipment and professional and technical human resources.

In this regard, Governor Insfrán confirmed that “the only thing missing” for its official inauguration is “the issue of protocol”, but clarified that the Center “already has patients and is attending them”.

“It is also our wish, but we want it to be a transcendental event, as it deserves, which is why we want this inauguration to have the presence of our highest authorities,” he said.

Patients in the waiting room of the Nuclear Medicine Center.

The first president was also consulted on the vision they have as a ‘federal government’ and replied: ‘When I say that the people of Formosa, wherever they are born, should have the same equal opportunity to realize, I’m talking about federalism.”

“This country was made by the federals, unfortunately later the Unitarians took power, we who form the Norte Grande fought for this historic claim and in this way we acted in our province”, he said. declared.

And he added: “Because when we talk about the health system, we are not talking only about the capital, if we talk about health and public education, we are even talking about the most remote part of our provincial territory, that is true federalism. .”

In this sense, Insfrán pointed out that “I also demand the same at the national level and that is what I would like to see happen in the world”, because “what is happening is the concentration of wealth in the developed countries to the detriment of the immense poverty of the underdeveloped countries”.

To illustrate this idea, he took as an example the unequal purchase and distribution of vaccines against COVID 19 and recalled that “central countries were buying five times more than their population”.

“They took over the vaccine when there was a whole continent that barely reached 2% immunization as in the case of Africa, if you think this model is right, we of Peronism do not think so” , he pointed out.


Insfrán also referred to the inauguration of the Environmental Center for the Integral Management of Urban Solid Waste (GIRSU) which took place last Tuesday 15, in the presence of the Minister of the Nation’s Environmental Portfolio, Juan Cabandié.

This center is the first to be completed out of eight that are underway in the country, which is why he felt that “it is also an honor for the people of Formosa and a proof of efficient management”.

“And the social significance that this has is impressive, because there are 170 families who were in an unworthy situation who will now have decent work in this place,” he stressed.

Regarding the arrival of Vizzotti, he stressed the importance of this new Provincial Vaccine Storage Center because “they need these cameras to preserve themselves and not lose their cold chain”.

By the way, the governor insisted that “my comprovinciens” be present to be vaccinated and to respect the calendar, at the same time as he affirmed “there are vaccines”.

Regarding the end, Insfrán reiterated that “the pandemic has not passed” but “it is still there”, therefore, as long as there is circulation and possibilities of mutation of the virus “you have to get vaccinated”.

“There are laboratories in central countries that talk about monovalent vaccine, because of the variety of strains, so it’s convenient for them to get vaccinated,” he pointed out.


For her part, the head of the Nation’s health portfolio, Carla Vizzotti, spoke of the importance of the new Provincial Vaccine Storage Center and stressed that “advancement in the construction of vaccine warehouses is tripling the capacity storage and generates quality”. .

At the same time, he highlighted the eight ambulances delivered during the opening ceremony which “are part of this reconstruction of the health system”.

Likewise, the official appreciated “the work that is being done in Formosa” in terms of health and education and considered it “really very important”, highlighting the reinforcement with the acquisition of freezers and mobiles for the distribution of these throughout the provincial territory.

“All of this generates equity for easier access to primary prevention through vaccines,” he said.

Finally, Vizzotti pointed out that it also improves the quality of the work of a fundamental human resource, namely the team that works on vaccinations, “which has become very visible during the coronavirus pandemic and is currently carrying out this work with a lot of care”. “.

“There is a state present, prioritizing health and working on social and economic assistance, and which is valued by society,” he concluded.

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