Manchester United: Cristiano Ronaldo: “United are frozen in time, as if the clock has stopped…”

Manchester United: Cristiano Ronaldo: “United are frozen in time, as if the clock has stopped…”

Lto the already more than famous (and controversial) interview that Cristiano Ronaldo granted to Piers Morgana journalist he trusts, in which he discusses his situation at Manchester United has finally seen the light of day… at least his first part.

The Portuguese striker gave this interview to the journalist and she load hard to what is happening to him at the English club.

Pep Guardiola did everything to bring me to Manchester City

Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to go to Manchester United

“Estuve cerca de ir al City, es algo sobre lo que habl mucho, ellos lo intentaron mucho. Guardiola hizo todo lo posible por llevarme al City. Pero mi corazn, mi sentimiento y lo que haba hecho antes, y Sir Alex Ferguson, hicieron the difference”.

His relationship with fans

“I don’t follow records, records follow me,” he says when told he broke the record for shirts sold on his return to the Manchester United. “The fans, for me, that’s everything.” “When I decided to leave Juventus, United were not in my plans, it even surprised me.”

When I signed for United I hoped something would have changed… but I was surprised badly

Lack of progress at Manchester United

“When I signed for United I expected something to change, I spent nine years at Madrid and then at Juve… but I was surprised for the worst. Everything was still the same , the technology, everything. It was something that surprised me, not I expected it. Everything was the same.”

Manchester United’s Bad Moment

“When I signed for Sancho, and Varane, plus me, I thought things were going to be the way Manchester should be. Sir Alex Ferguson left a big hole in the club. Sir Alex Ferguson left a big hole in the club , not just Sir Alex Ferguson, a person who I think made the difference, David Gill, the chairman, is a very, very good man, and the structure around Sir Alex Ferguson was also very important.

Currently elected is a club that is not at the highest level. I hope in the future they can be again

Cristiano Ronaldo ‘takes off’ from Manchester United

“At the moment it is a club that is not at the highest level. I hope that in the future they can be there again”. Cristiano seems to speak as if he is no longer a United player. “They haven’t moved, it’s like the clock has stopped.”

Dursimo with Rangnick

“And when you see coaches coming, who want to invent football, I don’t agree, I have my opinion. They agree or not, they don’t agree, but that’s part of the business because at the end of the day, I’m in a club to win, and with my experience, I want to help. As always, and some coaches who don’t accept and, you know, that’s part of the job.

If I compare Manchester United with Real Madrid or Juventus, the club is stopped in time.”

The youngest footballers

“I don’t think they disrespect experienced players, that’s not the word, but it’s another generation. There’s no hunger, they have things that are too easy. They don’t suffer No. In all the leagues in the world, the youngest now, they’re not the same as my generation. But we can’t blame them because that’s part of life, you know. The new generation and the new technologies that distract them for something else so… But they are not the same. It’s a shame because if they have the best examples in front of them, and if they don’t at least copy what you have done, For me, it’s a bit strange.”

I don’t follow the records, the records follow me

He is seen as an example for young players

“I’m not the kind of person who likes to give advice, I prefer to be an example. Because I’m an example. I’m there every morning and I do the same thing. I’m probably the first and the I think let the details speak for themselves. That’s why I say I like to lead by example.”

The players he ‘saves’ from United

“At Manchester United I can mention Dalot, he’s young, but very professional, but I don’t doubt he’ll have longevity in football because he’s young, he’s smart, smart and he’s very professional. Probably Martínez, Casemiro is about 30 years old, but I will say Dalot”.

People are just trying to bring in negativity, I’ve felt for the past four or five months that, not just for me, but also for my family, for Georgina.”

Cristiano, on the death of his son

“It’s probably the worst time of my life since my dad died. When you have a kid you think everything’s going to be normal and when it’s not it’s hard. It’s hard to understand why this happened to us. This moment was probably the worst in my life, me and Gio it was hard. I sometimes try to explain to my family. I never had to be happy and sad at the same time. It’s so hard You don’t know if you’re crying or smiling I don’t know how to react I remember very well I don’t know the word to define what I felt but it’s a feeling of crazy, emotional madness, I have to say we have at least Bella, one dies and another survives but it’s hard to explain.”

The support received by fans after the death of his son

“I never, ever expected something like this. Never. Now I have the opportunity to say to the English community, thank you very much for everything, it helped me a little…I also received a letter from the royal family and I was very surprised. That’s why I say that I have a lot of respect for the English community, the English, because they have been very nice to me. And at this difficult time in my life, they have been spectacularly treating me and my family during this difficult time.”

When my son Georgina died, she told me to go play, do what I love, forget about the situation.”

Why is he the most followed on social networks?

“Not only because I play good football, I think the rest is relevant, you have to be charismatic. I think being good-looking helps too. I don’t know the real reason, but I’m a fruit that people want let’s say a strawberry, I don’t know how to express it in English, but that’s it, a fruit that everyone wants to bite into.

Critics of his former teammates Rooney and Neville

“I care about people who love me. I don’t waste time with people who don’t love me, they don’t care about my life. I love being around people who love me, not wasting time. time with people who criticize me. No, I understand, you should ask him. Just a year ago Rooney had his children here six months ago and he invited Cristiano to play football. I don’t understand really not people like that. Or if they want to be on the front page of a newspaper, or they want new jobs or whatever. He’s probably criticizing me because he finished his career in his thirties and that I still play at a high level. I’m not going to say that I’m more beautiful, but it’s true.”

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