Salvador Pineda: from the protagonist of a successful soap opera to a lack of money

Salvador Pineda: from the protagonist of a successful soap opera to a lack of money

One of the most successful Mexican actors of all time is undoubtedly Salvador Pineda Popoca. The actor starred in hits of the 80s such as “The House That Burns at Night” or “You or Nobody”, but over the years the idol disappeared from the media.

Salvador Pineda came to star in “Chiquita pero picosa” with Verónica Castro, and even shared the screen with Victoria Ruffo in “Triunfo del amor”.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Salvador Pineda has not been seen in any hits in recent years. In 2009, he acted in “Twelve men in conflict” and participated in the series “Mujeres Asesinas”, but since then we have not heard from him.

What happened to Salvador Pineda?

Some entertainment journalists say Pineda’s reputation changed when the actor didn’t want to care for Aarón Salvador, the son he had with Venezuelan actress Mayra Alejandra Rodríguez. Aaron has autism and it is believed that for this reason the actor did not want to identify with him.

However, the scandal did not end there, as a cousin of Aarón Salvador asked Pineda for money to perform surgery on the young man for stones in the bile ducts and the actor refused. . Pineda assured him that it was time for his son’s life to end.

A year later, Salvador Pineda fractured his hip and femur after a fall. The actor was treated at a private hospital, but ran out of savings and had to ask to be moved to another hospital. Pineda asked for help from the National Association of Actors (ANDA), which refused to give him money, despite having been an honorary member of that association for more than 25 years.

Salvador Pineda is currently undergoing the rehabilitation necessary to recover from a broken hip, but is said to be in dire and serious financial straits. The actor is also said to have 10 unrecognized children and some of them have already taken legal action against Pineda.

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