Yes, half an hour of exercise is reflected in your health

Yes, half an hour of exercise is reflected in your health

Exercising is essential to staying healthy, active and fit. But how much should you do? What do I have to do? At home or on the street? These are questions that assail the mind before entering the world of physical exercise. But to all this there is only one clear answer, cWith half an hour of daily exercise, things can change a lot, both physically and mentally. Not playing sports affects all levels, we feel more tired, we have more trouble sleeping, we are not physically comfortable with ourselves, and it can even lead to health problems. Find out what half an hour of daily exercise can do for you.

The scale

According to WebMD, perform only half an hour can become more effective when it comes to losing weight perform 60 minutes or more in one session. The study from which this conclusion was drawn involved a sample of 60 moderately overweight men. The results said that a shorter period was more affordable for those who were overweight moderate, which would contribute to reducing this overweight. But it is very important to listen to your own body and follow its instructions.


Sport and training are designed to make you happy. Intense physical exercise for 30 minutes allows the brain is stimulated causing the release of chemicals. These substances will help you relax and be calmer and happier.

Less stress

In line with the previous one, sport helps reduce stress and anxietysince then the practice of your half hour of sport endorphins are produced which reduce pain, help you sleep better and relax.

Less heart disease

With these 30 minutes, the difference is made in the prevention fight against heart disease. Just taking a brisk walk during this time dramatically improves heart health. The important thing is that your heart is beating actively.


Often, in order to feel productive, we need to drink caffeine or energy drinks to get us out of lethargy, pBut playing sports helps a lot to bring out that more productive side and to use time efficiently.. The energy, the inspiration, can come on its own as you walk briskly for a while. Also, getting out of your comfort zone or even the four walls will go a long way in improving levels of energy and productivity are higher when you return to the office.

Knowing all he does for you only 30 minutes of daily sportit’s time to put on your sneakers and go for a walk.

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